Dear Valued Customer,

Cold crack occurs when vinyl is exposed to extreme cold temperatures and is dropped and or knocked. Imagine taking a pane of glass and dropping it 5 feet in the air. A frozen vinyl binder or media case would do the same thing, breaking the vinyl seal and exposing the chipboard inside.

As a manufacturer located in Minnesota, we take cold cracking very seriously because we have to and want our customer orders to arrive in excellent condition. When the actual temperature drops below 0 degrees Fahrenheit at time of shipment the concern for cold cracking rises due to the extreme cold temperatures and the prolonged exposure to the colder air while in transit.

If these cold conditions exist when we get ready to ship your vinyl product, we won't risk the quality of your product. We understand the timing of receipt of your product is important; if you make us aware that you need your product shipped by a certain date, we will ensure your aware of the possibility of cold cracking before it ships to avoid any potential quality surprises. And we will do our best to work with you on meeting your deadline date.

Thanks for your understanding.

Fey Industries. Inc

Vinyl and Cold Temperatures